Are you wasting money on the wrong vitamins & supplements?

Simple is a personalized vitamin and supplement Program, created for you, by the experts.

Are you relying on a sales driven vitamin shop or aimlessly searching for guidance on what vitamins and supplements to take?

Is it possible you’re throwing money away on unnecessary
vitamins & supplements like millions of others do every single day? removes the guess work and ensures you take only what you need, the right amount, and at the right time of day. Avoid wasteful spending on low quality vitamins & supplements and improve your results by doing it the way.

It's Simple as
1, 2, 3.

1. Health Questionnaire

First, you fill out our detailed health history questionnaire.

2. Expert Review

Next, our experts review your questionnaire and create your personalized Program.

3. Personalized Program

Now you're ready. Start your journey, taking only what's needed to maximize your results.

provides you with a completely personalized vitamin & supplement Program.
It starts with a confidential health history questionnaire. Then, our scientific experts review your information and create your personalized Program. Now you’re on your journey to better results. It doesn’t end there, your personalized Program will be adjusted over time, based on your feedback to maximize your results.

Why You Need It

Designed by Experts

Experienced, knowlegeable experts design your Program for you.


Your Program is designed specifically for your body's needs.

Nothing Wasted

You will never waste a penny again on a supplement your body isn't asking for.

What Others Are Saying

“With , I have saved an incredible amount of money by only buying and taking what I need. The input from the Program has boosted my results significantly. I have a ton of energy, my mind is working quickly and I feel the best I have
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“I recommend to all of my patients, because I don't have the time in my busy office to sit and advise them properly on the vitamins and supplements they should be taking”
Photo of Dr. Pelayo Watch NowDr. PelayoMiami FL

“There’s nobody in the world better at getting your health foundation and physiology in the right place than Dr. Dzugan and his team.”
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